Severing the needs of the Australian gaming industry since 1982.

Proudly Australian owned and managed.

We have been supplying Australian casinos and private gambling establishments with playing cards since our inception in 1982.

Our track record of delivery, customer service and security within the Australian entertainment and gambling industry is second to none.

We are in tune with your business.

We operate a 24/7 365 day a years business that is on hand to meet your needs. Our business has reached the highest standards of international compliance.

We can deliver playing cards via secure transit to any Australian casino within 4 hours of an order being placed.

Security, confidentiality and integry are our core values.

We can track any single deck of playing cards from the moment they are produced to the date and time of delivery.

Our state of the art production facility is based in Australia. Unlike many of our competitors, playing cards destined from Australian casinos are manufactured and produced within Australia.

Proudly Australian

mobile pokiesBabyFaceCards has been supply playing cards to Australian based casinos and regulated gambling establishments since 1982. Unlike a number of our competitors we remain proudly Australian. Our playing cards are manufactured in our secure facility in Victoria, and offer guaranteed delivery to any Australian casino within 4 hours.

Key to our success over the years has been our ability to work with our customers and their staff.  Our policies and procedures ensure that only designated casino staff and procurement teams have the necessary security authorisation to place orders with us.  The playing cards that we produce for the Australian casinos that use our services are unique.  Each venue has a unique set of cards that can only be found at that venue.  Furthermore, each casino has its own unique security mechanisms in place to ensure that fraud with our playing cards is virtually impossible.

The key to our longevity, and the popularity of our playing cards within Australian casinos is based on these three core strategies:

    • Integrity – our business are built upon integrity, both in our belief in our staff, our systems and security processes.


    • Confidentiality – in a business where a breach in security can potentially cost tens of millions, we strive to ensure transactions and delivery our conducted in both a secure and confidential manner.


    • Security – we don’t rest on our laurels and our innovative approach to manufacturing ensures we produce playing cards of the highest standard in a secure and controlled environment.

As a business we have managed to implement these 3 core policies into our overall strategy to ensure we remain the premier supplier of playing cards to Australia’s casinos.  We are also visionaries, not only in the way we produce and deliver playing cards, but also in our long terms strategy.  The Australian gambling industry is going through a period of change, heightened by the rise in the popularity of internet gambling amongst Australian audiences.  Here at we are already preparing for the next generation of online casino gambling, ensuring our production methods and our business keeps pace with technological change.  Mobile pokies and other online casino games are already incredibly popular and we are already working at how our business can best serve the changing gambling appetite of Australians.  Our new consultancy division is planned to launch early next year and will aim to work with Australian based casinos to help them overcome the challenges that mobile casino gambling is likely to throw at them in the coming years.